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Your search is over!       

You've arrived at Added Value Appraisal Services, Inc. specializing in comprehensive valuations of Central Florida's real estate market! With more than 20 years experience in the real estate industry, we have become a leading provider of real estate valuations in the mortgage lending market place, providing appraisals for:

Service Area:  Orange County, Seminole County, Osceola County, Lake County,Polk County, Brevard County and other counties on demand.

Appraisals Provided:  Residential, commercial, eminent domain, estate, divorce, proposed buildings, subdivisions, investment properties, vacation homes, or any other type of real property appraisals.

Added Value Appraisal Services, Inc. has  proven track record and knowlegable staff ready to serve you quickly and professionaly.             

What makes Added Value Appraisal Services, Inc. the top choice for so many of our clients? 

    1. We're Knowledgeable. We've literally done  thousands of appraisals in the Central Florida area, from the refurbished homes of College Park, the multi-million dollar waterfront properties of Winter Park and Winderemere, to the plethora of new construction homes on the eastern and western boundaries of Orange County... as well as vacation rental properties, income properties, apartment complexes and commercial businesses from the east coast beaches to Polk County... we've mastered this market!

    2. Our prices are fair and competitive.  In fact, we're quite certain other appraisal firms don't offer the added personal attention we provide our clients .... without an added cost!

    3. Online Ordering.   We have made it quick, simple and 24/7!  Keep track of the status of your report with your own client login name and number, and receive it in your email box upon completion! You can even pay for your appraisal online with your credit card!

Of course many still prefer to use the phone and fax, so we've made that easier for you too!  Simply click on the link to print out our faxable order form.  The bar code at the bottom is used so that our network can upload your order for us into our online order manager so you can still track progress just as if you placed it online yourself.  When filling out a faxable order form, you need not complete every line, however completing the information you do have will certainly help expedite the process, and remember to fax it toll-free to: 1-877-704-6542.

~ We pride ourselves on our personal and professional approach to all of our clients needs and look forward to adding you to our list of as a satisfied customers!

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